iSharePRC is a quick and convenient way to securely save and share copies of the LAMP Words for Life™ iPad app vocabulary files with your team. Use iSharePRC to build online collections of files to share between parents, clinicians, educators, and anyone involved in helping a client become a proficient communicator. Use the LAMP Words for Life vocabulary conversion tool to move your personalized LAMP Words for Life app vocabulary between the iPad and a PRC Accent™, Vantage Lite™, ECO™2, or Vanguard communication device.

iSharePRC with Unity® Connect

The Unity Connect conversion tool converts the Unity vocabulary in a PRC device to a format that is compatible with the Unity Connect Reader Application. The reader application does not contain any vocabulary. The vocabulary must be converted from an authorized PRC device via Unity Connect iSharePRC™ The vocabulary cannot be converted from the iPad back to the PRC device so vocabulary changes made on the iPad must also be made in the PRC device.

iShare with LAMP Words for Life™ iShare with Unity® Connect
Access to WFL Conversion Tool Yes Yes
Access to Unity Connect Conversion Tool No Yes
MTI File Sharing Yes Yes
WFL File Sharing Yes Yes
Unity Connect File Sharing No No
MTI File Storage/Backup Yes Yes
WFL File Storage/Backup Yes Yes
Unity Connect File Storage/Backup No Yes
Convert MTI to PVF Yes Yes
Convert PVF to MTI Yes Yes
Convert MTI to UCF No Yes
Convert UCF to MTI No No
Convert PVF to UCF No No
Convert UCF to PVF No No