“My Files” are vocabulary files uploaded onto the iSharePRC website or through the LAMP Words for Life app. When a file is first uploaded, the default setting is private – only you can access it. File types include Memory Transfer (.mti), LAMP Words for Life (.pvf) and Unity Connect (.ucf).

“My Collections” are groups of files that you can share with other iSharePRC users. The people you’ve shared a collection with can access all the files in the collection. Anyone who has access to a collection can also add files to it or download files from it. Memory Transfer (.mti) and LAMP Words for Life (.pvf) files can be shared in collections. Unity Connect (.ucf) files may not be shared.

A file can belong to more than one collection, and each collection can be shared with different groups of people. You can add a file to a collection by choosing “Collections” as the file’s “Type” when adding a new file. Only Memory Transfer and LAMP Words for Life files can be share in collections.

“My Account” lets you manage iSharePRC subscription settings. Purchase a subscription to iSharePRC to manage and back-up files for the LAMP Words for Life App.

Support and User Guides

If you need more help, email us at support@ishareprc.com.